Finally Got Through Google Adwords Professional Certification

Hey All,

Just to share the good news with you all, I got through Google Adwords Professional Certification last sunday with flying colours.

Google Adwords Individual Certification


Google Adwords Qualified Individual Exam specifications have changed now. The passing level has been increased to 85% from 75%, and other minor changes regarding the New MMC (My Client Center) linking. More information can be read here.

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13 thoughts on “Finally Got Through Google Adwords Professional Certification”

  1. Looking for an ad words pro to work with us. We currently use adwords but are in need of professional assistance to take our business to the next level. We are based in the U.S.

  2. Hi, seems that adwords professional cetificate leads to another company. How much do you spend to get a certificate? Quite a lot i think…

  3. Yes, I work for company called SEORank. It doesn’t cost much. You have to maintain the account of US $1000 or your equivalent local currency for 3 months, and US $50 for taking the exam.

    I don’t think its a huge investment.

  4. Hi Kaushal,

    Congrats for the certification…..
    I would like to know if i want to certify my company, do i need to first qualify 2 individuals under my client centre for the company and then qualify the company.I am actually confused with the documentation provided by google.

    Can you please help.

  5. hi,
    even i am interested in passing this exam. you have mentioned that we need to maintain US $ 1000 for 90 days. what does it mean? $1000 spending per month or toal dollar 1000 spendign for 90 days? can i see a sample paper of adwords exam? do u offer services of SEO or not?

  6. Hiiiii Sir..myself Aniket from ahmedabad looking forward to be a google adwords professional..i have some queries..if u plz can answer them..
    1) I am a Btech(IT), not working in any company.Am i still eligible to be a google adwords professional.
    2) Is it so that we just need to maintain 1000 USD in my account..i mean would this money will be taken by google as exam fees ??.am asking this coz am stil not working anywhere and i cant ask for such a huge sum of money from my parents.

    Thanks in advance..

  7. @raj
    US $1000 spending is per month, so in total you will be spending $3000 in 90 days. Sample paper for adwords is not possible to see, but if you go through their learning center properly, you won’t have any problem in the exam. Here is the link to their learning center:

    @Aniket Parihar
    First of all its good to see new guys like you are interested in this field. Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. You don’t have to work for any company to be Google certified, but you should be spending US $1000 each month for three(3) months to be eligible for this. Here is the link from Google for more information on this:
    2. You will have to spend Us $1000 / month on advertising on Google. This money are not refundable. The exam fees is $50, after matching the requirements. The link mentioned above would be helpful to you.

  8. Hello Manoj,

    Unfortunately there are no sample tests available for you to practice. If you need any further help, contact me via contact form, and I will reply you via email.


  9. I want to ask one thing, what is the benefit of becoming the Certified Adwords Individual Professional? Is it beneficial to our career in future? If yes then how?

  10. Hi Kaushal
    Congratulation !!! I have completed my MBA-marketing and I have been looking for a job in in the field of digital marketing. I want to ask,will it be help full for my career If i complete Google individual certification (both fundamental and one advance level ). I want to know if this certification would open doors for me in digital marketing sector??. Thak you. please reply.


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