Work From Home Tips For IT Professionals

IT‌ professionals have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity of working from home. You may be a programmer, technical support worker or digital marketing professional, you can work from the comfort of your home.

At the time of writing this blog, I completed 4 weeks working from home due to Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a few work from home tips for IT‌ professionals that have improved my productivity. Let’s get started.

Keep yourself clean &‌ dress properly

It is of the utmost importance to keep your personal hygiene in check, especially at this time of Pandemic. Make sure to take a bath every day, that will also make you feel refreshed and re-energized.

If you shave or trim your beard, do that regularly. Just feel as if you are actually going to work so that you don’t feel lazy during the day time.

Keep using hand sanitizer at regular intervals. Clean your desk, computer, laptop and other equipment that you regularly use with Lysol wipes.

You can dress in any comfortable clothing like PJs. It is important to set the mood and environment for work right from the morning routine.

Have a separate workplace in home

Kaushal Shah - Working From Home

I‌t is very important to set up your home office to get the right feel. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, a small desk with proper lighting and a comfortable chair would do the trick.

A place where you can get sunlight would be good. If it is not possible due to unavoidable situations or you are working from the basement, a bright light will also be fine.

Make sure to have the right temperature for the room. Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature which will allow you to work efficiently.

Make sure you have the right hardware to work flawlessly. You should invest in a faster computer, printer, scanner and any other hardware required for your work.

Keep your desk clean to get positive vibes. Make a habit to clean and sanitize your desk at the end of the day. It will give a positive kick start to the next morning.

Organize Your Day

It is very important to set the right tone to make it a successful workday. Organize your day in such a manner that you don’t waste unnecessary time. Prioritize your tasks as per their importance, so you don’t miss out on any important task.

Allocate specific times to check and reply to emails. That way you will set realistic expectations for others including your manager. You will be able to focus on your actual work; although, this can vary depending on your work profile.

Have Your To-Do List

Knowing what you have to do in advance saves a lot of time and energy. Make your to-do list and follow it rigorously.

You can use various free and paid desktop and mobile apps for To-Do lists. I personally prefer to use desktop apps like Trello or offline apps like windows sticky notes, so that ‌I don’t have to change screens while working. 

Start &‌ Finish Work On Regular Time

Schedule your work hours even though you are working from the comfort of your home. Start your work at a specific time every day, so your team members, colleagues, and clients know when to expect you online.

Make a habit of logging out of all your work applications at the end of the day. That will give you the feeling of accomplishment and will give rest to your computer, too.

If you are a programmer, it is very easy to get sucked into coding. Scheduled working hours will keep your energy levels high and keep you motivated.

Have Regular Break Time

According to a survey, a human brain can concentrate for 90-120 minutes at a stretch. Having small breaks in between actually increases your productivity.

After working for 2 hours, you can have a small break for 10 minutes where you can stretch your body a little. This will give rest to your eyes and help recharge your mind.

Have your lunch break at a specific time. You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, coffee, tea or any other non-alcoholic drink you may like. This should keep drowsiness away and make you more active.


Communication is the key especially when you are working in isolation away from your team. You can be connected via professional communication apps like google hangouts or skype.

Even though you can’t meet your colleagues physically, video communication apps like facetime or WhatsApp can help you in a virtual meeting. You can also use Zoom for group meetings.

When you are not physically next to each other, it is very important to communicate even the smallest thing. Try to let your team members know what you are working on, and keep clear communication once you finish the task. A shared google sheet can be really handy to keep track of progress.

Keep your desktop clutter-free

It is overwhelming to keep track of all your files and folders when you don’t have your work computer. Organize your files in proper folders and don’t download everything on your desktop.

Imagine searching for one particular image from 30 images on the desktop. It can be a nightmare to spend time searching for files instead of actual work.

Spend less time on other screens

As an IT‌ professional, most of your work time is spent on laptop or desktop screens. Make sure to give enough rest to your eyes by not seeing other screens like mobile devices and TV.

I know it is unavoidable to scroll through the social media stream or watching a new Netflix series that everyone is talking about. Minimizing the screen time will help in eye fatigue and maintain overall well being.

If you are staying with family, spend some time talking to them. If you have children, try playing offline games with them.

Let’s pray to the almighty and do our best by keeping social distance with other human beings. Let’s hope the pandemic ends soon and we are all back to work in the offices.

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