So, Google Adwords Quality Score Actually Help Reduce The Cost?

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Just a quick post to show how the things have changed apparently for Google Adwords. After the introduction of +1 for adwords, few of the parameters importance have changed! I won’t go into much details on this (leave it for next post), but I would like you to see the screenshot I just took from one of my client’s account:

Top Quality Score - 10/10

The keyword has been blurred for obvious reasons. As you can see the keyword has achieved 10 out of 10 Quality Score, still it is struggling to show up on the first page. The bidding is moderate for this keyword, its not on the higher side as I’ve worked hard to achieve this quality score.

Here are the changes I made to achieve 10 out of 10 Quality Score:

  • Improved the keywords segmentation by collecting them into tightly knit adgroups
  • Changed the ad copy, included DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) in titles
  • Changed display URL to make it more relevant
  • Added few keywords on landing page in title and content part.

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is not that great on this keyword, its near 1% which is ok. We have seen great CTR at around 10-15% on highly searched keywords. Can this be the reason for lower ranking? Also, the keyword is long tail, and very specific to the niche we are in, including the city name. The keyword is in Phrase match, to avoid extra clicks that can improve the CTR.

I know one way to improve the ranking is by increasing the bid, but that’s not what I want to do. Do you see any other way out to improve the ranking of the keyword? Let me know in comments below!

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