The -T- Factor. You are not on twitter yet??

One of the common question I often get in  my email is “What’s your twitter handle?”; and I reply them “You can follow me @kaushalshah.” So, what’s all this twitter thing?

Twitter is a microblogging social networking site where you can post your daily updates which you can’t share with your friends, family and coworkers via blog or email. According to twitter, it is a thing between blog and email. You can’t send email to all your friends that you are enjoying a nice Cappechino at the Café Coffee Day near your office, but with twitter you can. You can share anything and everything that you think can be sharable to public.You can also see what your friends are upto and reply them.

You must be thinking that twitter is for teenagers who want to have fun while at college. Not Really! Twitter is being used as one of the marketing tools not only by small and medium businesses but also by large corporates. Just like @southwest airlines is updating its flight schedule and timings on twitter, it can make it really personal for your audience.

Here are some tips on how you can use twitter to market your business to large audience.

Engage everyone in your office on Twitter.

It may sound weird, but yes, make everyone twit about their own work and personal life. This will increase the buzz about your company on twitter and will help you in branding your product or service.

Connect with Big Guns.

Connect with bloggers, influencers, leaders and media persons from your industry and make good relations with them. It is far more easier to connect with someone famous on twitter than calling them or emailing them.

Post special announcements, deals etc.

You can post special promotions, deals or freebies on twitter and attract targeted audience.

Promote your company blog, article, news etc.

You can easily post links to your company blog, news or articles on twitter and let your followers know about it in a flash. I often post my new blog posts on twitter.

You can search for specific topics on twitter search and find out what people are talking about. Here is how I find out what people are talking about me. Same way you can monitor conversations and buzz about your brand or company. Here is a good reading on how marketers can use twitter.

Here is a nice funny animation video that will clear up on things what twitter really is.

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