Google Puts Video Ads in Search Results Now (Test)

Its been long since Google introduced Video ad format for Adwords Publishers, but those videos were showing up only on Network websites who have opted to show Google adsense on their website or blog. Recently Google has been testing video ads on the search result pages. Sounds funny? Not really. Normal users are already familiar with the famous plus (+) sign that shows with some of the local search results. Just like that users will be able to click on plus (+) sign and watch the video right there on the search results page.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works from searchviews:

  • A paid search ad shows up on a Google as normal, but also includes a small link to preview a video.
  • If a user clicks on the headline link as normal and goes to the brands website, as cost per click is incurred.
  • If a user clicks on the (+) and expands the ad to watch the video, a CPC is incurred.
  • After clicking to watch the video, if the user clicks through to the brand’s website, an additional CPC is not incurred.
  • Only 1 CPC is ever incurred per 1 impression

The post from searchviews inspired me to go to youtube to watch one of my favourite movie song from “Satte Pe Satta”. The ads showing up in the bottom of the video were really annoying and distracting my attention. Please have a look at the screen shot attached. The most annoying part was that ad was not at all relevant to the video. I really don’t want to see a car ad on my favorite video.

On one hand Google puts “User Experience” at the top of the priority list, and on other hand they are behind ad revenue. Do you really think putting ads everywhere will make the user experience better??

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