Google’s Caffeine Update – Which way is it going now?

Google has been working on a new search infrastructure code name Caffeine and you can now test it if you visit On Monday (10th. Aug, 09), Google has revealed what it calls a “new generation of infrastructure for research on the Web and asking the public to test. Google specifically states that its goal for the new version of Google Search to improve its indexing speed, accuracy, size, and comprehensiveness. Here’s what they wrote:

“For the last several months, a large team of Googlers has been working on a secret project: a next-generation architecture for Google’s web search. It’s the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions. The new infrastructure sits “under the hood” of Google’s search engine, which means that most users won’t notice a difference in search results. But web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences, so we’re opening up a web developer preview to collect feedback.”

In other words, the company aims to crawl the web, index it well, and delivers fast, relevant results – something it’s always aimed to do. After a number of searches, its clear Caffeine offers increased results in a shorter timeframe; however, how results appear remains a mystery.

From a consumer point of view, Caffeine is identical to regular Google search save for shaving off a few precious half seconds. It is unclear at this point whether Caffeine will be more or less friendly to the magic worked by SEO practitioners, whose inexplicable art is aimed at winning the desirable first page of Google results for keyword searches of interest to their client. It’s perhaps too early to make changes, but people already started searching using their existing keywords to see what changes appear in their rankings.

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