Is Your Brand Strong Enough To Rank Well??

Recently I’ve seen some changes in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), especially the product based keywords are now showing many of the big brands. The war between SEOs and Google will never end. It seems Google is now ranking big brands ahead of many of the powerful, high pagerank and popular (link popular in the eyes of Google) sites.

Now, how do Google differentiate Big Brands from other smaller brands or websites?? There is a very interesting discussion going on at sphinn that might reveal some of the insights. It can be bounce rate, social media presence, high authority domain, link saturation or any other thing that we are not aware of.

There is a very hot discussion at WebMasterWorld. People describing all sorts of possibilities that can be considered for “Brand Power”. While giving preferences to brands, Google is encouraging smaller business to brand themselves. The best to way to brand your business as you may have guessed is Google Adwords.

Aaron Wall over at SEOBook has also spotted this change. He has mentioned some very good examples of SERPs in his recent article.

Whatever may be the reason for ranking change, SEOs will find one or the other way to rank well. Let’s see who wins the game.

1 thought on “Is Your Brand Strong Enough To Rank Well??”

  1. From Google’s perspective its all about relevancy. From the SEO perspective manual link building will become that much harder. Natural links will play heavily. I get the feeling that Goog has some algo in place to “guess” manual link building initiatvies. Hmmmm. Yup kaushal will just have to figure a way around this. Nice update.


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