Improved Adwords Home Tab – Account snapshot, Customization and more

I know it’s been really long that I’ve written on my blog. I’ve been too busy with the launch of the new Internet Marketing Institute called DIIM. I’ve been preparing content, course guidelines and taking lectures for the first batch of SEO Training in Ahmedabad.

Today, I am going to talk about Google Adwords latest update on home tab. It used to show only few details on home tab like daily clicks, graphs etc, but the new improved version has lot more to offer. It allows you to customize the look so that you can see the data that matters to you the most.

Here are the screen shots of my account:

According to official Google Adwords official blog post, this feature was suggested by many advertisers, “Many advertisers have told us that they want a quick snapshot of account performance and a summary of any important problems to address. However, the details vary quite a bit: Some advertisers want to quickly identify any keywords with bids below their first page bid estimates. Others might want to focus on campaign-level metrics before diving into keyword stats or use a graph to quickly identify any major fluctuations in performance. In short, customization is key!”


Once you click on “Customize columns”, you get many different customization options.

The modules on the Home tab are based on saved filters created on your Campaigns tab. This provides you with the flexibility to define exactly which metrics and sections of your account are important to review right when you log in.


Let me know in comments how have you customized your home tab to get the most out of this new feature?

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