Do You Want To Know What Google Knows About You?

There were many privacy concerns over the period of Google’s evolution in the last 11 years. People were worried about the amount of data Google have about us and can be used in the most dangerous manner. Especially after the introduction of Google Social Search, it was very clear to users that how much data they can collect.

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Google Social Search – Find your friends’ updates on Google

Google social search which is still in beta can be opted in through Google labs. It is nothing but an amalgamation of updates from your social network status updates in one place. e.g. if you are searching for “New Zealand”, Google social search will show updates, twits and photos of your friends who have had their last vacation in New Zealand.

Google’s Caffeine Update – Which way is it going now?

Google has been working on a new search infrastructure code name Caffeine and you can now test it if you visit On Monday (10th. Aug, 09), Google has revealed what it calls a “new generation of infrastructure for research on the Web and asking the public to test.

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New Search Engine Bing, Now Showing as Search Engine in Google Analytics

New search engine called Bing, from Microsoft had some issues showing up in Google analytics. It was showing as general referral site instead of search engines, so webmasters couldn’t track the keywords through which they were getting traffic. Now, Google has resolved the issue and it is showing as Search Engine with traffic from different keywords.

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